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We're Better Together

At Glendhu Dairies we understand that we're better together. Our passion for farming starts with a strong commitment to the health, safety, security and the wellbeing of our staff. Our employees enjoy equal opportunities, a safe and healthy work environment, and are treated with fairness, respect and dignity. We know that to get the best out of people you need to need to reward their hard work, so we do. 


Meet our extended farming family and see why Glendhu Dairies is a great place to work and live.

New housing at Glendhu Dairies

More than a job, it's a lifestyle

There are four houses on our farm for our employees, as well as one in the nearby town of Riversdale, providing a comfortable place to retreat after a day's work, and to raise a family.


For those living off farm, we pay an extra $5 an hour to help subsidise rent. 


Our team members feel valued because we show them respect each and every day. By encouraging the sharing of ideas,  trusting them to work autonomously, paying above minimum wages, doing regular appraisals with incentives to upskill and continue education. Plus on a personal level, we assist with visa applications to help secure futures here in New Zealand. 


Family & Friendship

Along with positive vibes, there's a strong sense of community and family on the farm. We are a diverse team, currently made up of African, Sri Lanken, English and Kiwis. Our regular Friday evening catch ups are great fun, especially for the kids. We get together to celebrate achievements and special occasions like birthdays and Easter too. 

Sharing The Workload

With seven team members, we are in the fortunate position to offer our employees flexible rostering. We pay hourly wages with unlimited hours (within safe parameters), allowing them flexibility and earning potential. 

Our dairy herd of 1,500 heads is easily managed by the team. There is always two people at each milking with 1-2 people drafting the cows in, whether it's a morning or afternoon session. Milkings are shared, so no one person does more than one milking a day. 

Giving Back

In Balfour and throughout the Southland region there is a significant Sri Lanken community amongst farm workers, with an impressive local cricket tournament. It was our pleasure to sponsor the local Sri Lanken Balfour Cricket Team with shirts last year. It might have even brought them luck!


Looking for work on a dairy farm?

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