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Allflex Collars: A Game-Changer for Glendhu Dairies

The introduction of Allflex collars has heralded a new era of data-driven farming at Glendhu Dairies. These collars serve as an indispensable tool by collecting and analysing essential data related to each cow's reproduction cycle, rumination patterns, and overall health status. This pivotal information enables the farm team to gain profound insights into the behaviour of their herd, enabling proactive measures for animal welfare.

Allflex collar
Allflex Collar in use at Glendhu Dairies

Enhanced Reproductive Management One of the most remarkable applications of Allflex collars is their role in heat detection. The smart collars meticulously monitor individual cow behaviour and rumination patterns, providing valuable insights into each cow's reproductive status. This real-time data empowers the farm to identify the optimal time for insemination, minimising guesswork and maximizing the efficiency of the breeding process. Revolutionising Health Monitoring Allflex collars go beyond reproductive management. By continuously monitoring cow behaviour and activity, these collars have the extraordinary ability to detect early signs of illness, often before visible symptoms manifest. This proactive approach enables the farm team to intervene promptly and mitigate potential health issues before they escalate into serious concerns.

Eliminating Guesswork The mating season, once labour-intensive and laden with uncertainties, has undergone a transformation thanks to the Allflex collars. With accurate data at their fingertips, the farm has eliminated guesswork during the crucial mating season. By assessing the reproductive status of heifers and cows, the collars have streamlined insemination processes, resulting in improved accuracy and substantial cost savings. Empowering Farming Teams One of the unsung advantages of the Allflex collars is the relief they offer to the farm's dedicated team members. Through phone alerts, staff can now promptly identify potential problems, enabling them to intervene swiftly. This instant notification system ensures that issues are addressed promptly, enhancing animal welfare and overall farm productivity. Optimising Nutrition and Care With access to individual cow feeding habits, the farm team can fine-tune their approach to nutrition and care. This data-driven insight guarantees that each cow receives the optimum feed and nutrition, enabling them to perform at their peak potential.

We see the Allflex collars as a success story for our farm, a testament to the remarkable benefits that modern technology can bring to the farming landscape.


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