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Calving Innovations at Glendhu Dairies

As Glendhu Dairies continues to evolve, so does our commitment to nurturing life and fostering growth. Our calves are not just the future of our farm; they are emblematic of the future of farming itself. This season our newly expanded calf shed will be home to approximately five hundred replacement heifers. We have embarked on a journey to redefine the calving experience, ensuring the best start for our young ones.

A Journey of Comfort and Care Our in-calf cows embark on a seamless transition from the comfort of the wintering barn to a specialised calving pad. This calving pad is set up for the cows to comfortably calve on bark chip and enjoy ample amounts of supplementary feed. Once the calves are born, they are ushered to our innovative calf shed. Here, they are welcomed by the watchful eyes and nurturing hands of our dedicated calf rearers.

Feeding Their Potential: Ad Lib Feeding System The heart of our calf care lies in an ad lib feeding system that empowers our young ones to feed on their terms, day, and night. This freedom to drink as they desire ensures that they receive a consistent, high plane of nutrition. Research has shown that calves benefiting from such a feeding system exhibit post-weaning advantages beyond their counterparts fed on a restricted diet. Enhanced fertility, improved survivability, and exceptional lactation performance are just a few of the benefits that this approach brings.

Nurturing a Bright Future With each innovation, each upgrade, we are inching closer to a realm where technology meets compassion, where the needs of our animals are harmonised with the needs of our planet. In the end, our calving story is not just about the transformation of sheds; it's about the transformation of care, the evolution of compassion, and the goal of a brighter, more sustainable future.


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