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Embracing Comfort and Efficiency: Wintering Barns a Hit with Our Herd

As the winter season takes centre stage, Glendhu Dairies is proud to share the success of our fully operational wintering barns. In our second season using these modern facilities, it's clear that both our team and our cows have found a home away from home.

Inside the wintering barn at Glendhu Genetics.
Inside our wintering barns.

A Serene Sanctuary Stepping into the barns, the tranquillity is palpable – a testament to the contentment of our cherished cows. A stroll down the aisles reveals a picture of sheer comfort. Our cows can be seen enjoying the cubical latex mattress system, some enjoying the rotating back scratches, while others simply feast on the abundant food provided.

Cow enjoying the rotating back scratcher at Glendhu Dairies.
Cow enjoying the rotating back scratcher.

Tailored Nutrition and Care For the well-being of our herd, we've embraced ingenuity even in their feeding routine. Feed is distributed to our cows via a mixer wagon, with each load weighed and measured according to herd needs, using straw, soya, grass silage, PKE, and molasses as required, with the addition of milking minerals. Robots cycle up and down the alley artfully push food within easy reach of the cows, negating the need for undue stretching or straining. This design reflects our commitment to their comfort and health, allowing them to dine in comfort.

Mixing wagon at Glendhu Dairies.
New mixing wagon.
Cows in wintering barn at Glendhu Dairies.
Cows enjoying the wintering barns with feed in abundance..

Effluent Efficiency Our commitment to efficiency is evident in every corner of the barns. Automated scrapers continuously clean the barn floor, directing effluent along a designated path to a concrete pit. From here, it's channelled to an effluent pond for processing. The beauty of this process lies in the umbilical system that disperses the treated effluent across our farm. Not only does this system enhance mobility and flexibility, but it also curtails the risk of leaching into delicate water bodies. A Comprehensive Approach To complement our progressive approach, we've fortified our operations with additional measures. New feed sheds have been introduced to store food efficiently, accompanied by a molasses tank for optimal nutrition.

Stock feed
Stock feed sheds and molasses tank at Glendhu Dairies.

As we continue to tread the path of innovation, we're confident that our wintering barns are more than just structures – they are a testament to the evolving landscape of farming, where progress meets compassion.


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