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New Wintering Shed Coming Soon

Wintering barns at Glendhu Dairies.
Markings on the ground set out the perimeter of the new wintering barns.

We are excited at Glendhu Dairies to keep you up to date with our latest project - our new dual wintering shed.

The girls are going to be kept warm and dry once this is complete, and of course the benefits of having a wintering shed for our dairy cows are endless. Here are a few:

  • Savings on feed costs because the animals are warmer and there is less feed wastage

  • Savings on pasture damage and pugging because the cows are off the land in the wetter periods

  • Being able to milk longer at shoulders of the season and therefore increasing milking days.

When you own a farm, you've got to look after your workers, that includes the four-legged ones as well!


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